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Love. Inclusion. Faith. Empowerment.

Through our programs, we envision our at-risk friends breaking out of the cycle of homelessness and become thriving, self-sufficient citizens contributing back to society through new learned life skills, traits and giving back by means of volunteer through Mae.


The mission of the MAE Organization is to promote healing and mental wellness for at-risk individuals and those affected by homelessness by providing basic life needs such as food, shelter, and support while uplifting the spirit with therapeutic services which focus on the wellness of each individual.

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Accomplishing our Mission is dependent on our philosophy and values:

  • We believe that everyone deserves the tools, encouragement, and time to repair the root causes of pain, self-doubt, and trauma to fully heal and start the journey of a new and fulfilling life experience

  • We believe that every individual deserves to be seen, respected, and treated with dignity.

  • We belief that if a person is to become a productive, functioning, and successful contributing member of our fast-paced world and societal environment, one must first be healed emotionally and physically.   

  • We support and empower our homeless population to become self-sufficient and get off homelessness, not enablers of street living.

  • We understand the complexity of homelessness and show compassion for the homeless.

  • We welcome and help all people equally and with love.

  • We advocate and provide a voice for the homeless population to help end hunger and poverty in our society.

  • We secure the most amazing and loving volunteers to support our mission.

  • We promote and establish community engagement through partnerships with other agencies and volunteer opportunities.


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